What are swag seeds?

Swag seeds are a new generation of NFT inspired by real-life botany. On its own, a swag seed is not much, but with a community of swag botanists behind it, your swag seed will become so much more!

How do swag seeds work?

When you control a swag seed, you have full ownership of its potential. You can sell/trade it, and otherwise treat it like a physical seed in your possession. Much like real seeds, a swag seed will grow into something beautiful. If you choose to exercise the germination smart contract tied to your seed, in 30 days it will mint a new NFT called a swag flower. You will own the swag flower, and your original swag seed will be destroyed.

An artist's rendition of swag seeds. What secrets can you unlock?

How do swag flowers work?

Every swag flower is unique! Not only because there is specific cryptographic information identifying it as such, but also because it's defined by genetic information locked away inside the swag seed that grew it! You can proudly display your swag flower on any service that supports web 3.0 ownership, as well as trade/sell it like any other NFT. Furthermore, you will be able to breed swag flowers with other flowers in your posession. Breeding two flowers will execute a pollination smart contract, which mints a new swag seed inheriting properties of both parent flowers. Be warned though, that not all phenotypes are stable between generations, and there's always the possibility of mutation in either the dominant or recessive genes.

While we plan to mint only a small number of swag seeds at the beginning, the variations that can be bred will be nearly limitless! We hope that this will create a thriving economy of seed traders, flower breeders, and enthusiasts who all contribute to the world of swag.

An artist's rendition of swag flowers. The possibilities are limitless!

What does ownership of a swag seed entitle me to?

An NFT isn't worth the bytes that comprise it if there's not an air of exclusivity about it. This is why ownership of any swag seed or swag flower will entitle you to membership in the greenhouse, an exclusive forum space for swag seed botanists to discuss the latest and hottest news!

Help, all my ape seed gone!